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Letters to the Editor

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Dear editor,

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt (“Police discuss inquest into missing boy”, Oct 14) mentioned there were “legal complications” in investigating the death of a missing person, as they could not be formally declared dead for 7 years.

"Me akara toku mata kite au mea e tupu nei, te akaroa e, kua puta roa ki roto I toku ngakau, te mama – ere!"

Dear editor,

Kia orana, tatou katoatoa I roto I te aroa maata o to tatou Atua ko Iesu Mesia. This letter is addressed to the people of Atiu to please reconsider and rethink who will be the best choice of leader for the people of Atiu.

Dear editor,

Your article (“Fears of being ‘bullied and railroaded’,” October 16) will leave readers concerned.

The biggest feet, red hibiscus shirt

Dear editor

Government made the mistake by accepting an eight-year fishing agreement with the European Union (reviewable every four years). It has given away our fish stock like peanuts with very minimal return for it.

Dear editor,

Since 1965 when we gained our independence from New Zealand, we have been flogging the same old political horse and discourse – and how has that been for you?

Letters: Shipping our life blood

Saturday October 12, 2019

Dear editor,

Taio Shipping is the bloodline to the outer islands, the Cook Islands extremities. Without our connections to the Pa Enua we are not fully embodied.

Dear editor,

Kia Orana ite aroa maata o te Atua.

Let me remind u all that 51 years ago the late Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Papa Arapati Enere (KBE) made a powerful rebuke statement at the Festival in 1968.

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