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ANZAC Day’s ‘real’ VIPs

Thursday April 11, 2019

Kia Orana Editor,

With Anzac Day soon coming around for another year, let us hope that organisers finally realise who the actual Very Important People are.

Govt throws all ethics aside

Thursday April 11, 2019

Kia orana Editor,

I was stunned to see live on Facebook yesterday, the MP for Avatiu/Rappa being sworn in as an MP.

Dear Editor,

I believe it’s appropriate to raise the issue of two words that some people find a little difficult to distinguish between.

Dear Editor,

With the Electoral Office’s release last week of the official and final Atiu count confirming Independent Te-Hani Brown with 80 votes,  and Demo’s Nandi Glassie securing 50 votes, we now await a period of seven days to see whether or not the Democratic Party will file a petition alleging voting irregularity during the election.

Dear Editor

The recent court case refers where the defendant was fined $800 for having a bong.

Kia Orana Editor,

On behalf of the Koutu Nui - we agree with the views expressed by Ellena Tavioni in her letter to the CI News.

Dear Editor,

A recent documentary I watched made reference to the “Lapita Tribe of people” from the island of Papua New Guinea, a hardy race of people who travelled the vast oceans thousands of years ago.

Embrace islands in name change

Monday March 11, 2019

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to raise some concerns of mine with regards to the issue of a name change for our country. 

Protect our traditional customs

Friday March 08, 2019

Dear Editor,

Last year a decision by the Privy Court in London disrespected our Cook Islands Traditional Land Customs and allowed a non-blood adopted child land rights in his adopted father’s family land. 

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