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Letters are one of the most important parts of the paper because this is where the community has a chance to have its say. All letters to the editor received will generally be published, provided they are not defamatory or are covering exactly the same ground by the same writer.

Non du plume are acceptable, but the name, address and contact details must be provided to the editor.

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Dear Editor,

This year's float parade sucked. It would have to be one of the worst in the history of floats in this country.

Dear Editor,

Now that the long awaited roll out of the Paradise Prosperity Plan (PPP) for the Pa Enua is happening Merchant of Paradise (MOP) is fielding strong support for the project and numerous inquiries for opportunities available, with the odd niggle about the colour of Chinese money, the loss of New Zealand citizenship if we ascend to developed status and full sovereignty with own seat at the United Nations, and security of land under unit title development.

Dear Editor,

What an exciting day – gather the children and families and let’s celebrate the opening of the 53rd Te Maeva Nui by viewing the float parade….

Dear Editor,

Regarding the story headlined “Joint venture aids animal welfare,” published in CINews on July 10,  the Esther Honey Foundation applauds and wholeheartedly supports the recent efforts to build upon EHF’s two-decade legacy of sharing animal health and humane education with a generation of Cook Islanders throughout the country.

Te matakeinga o Makea Nui

Friday July 27, 2018

Aka umuumuanga o toku Tupuna

Makea Nui e e, Makea Nui e e

Te tua o Tairi-ite-Rangi

Thursday July 26, 2018

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about the legend or the painting in the July 12 newspaper about Tairi-ite-rangi and Pukenga.

Dear Editor,

In the elections, as yet undecided pending the outcome of the electoral petitions, and despite the CIP caretaker government assuming the results before they’ve been decided, the embarrassing democratic illegitimacy of our electoral system is laid bare for all to see.

Setting a bad example

Wednesday July 25, 2018

Dear Sir,

I recently visited the Muri night market, among the many food stalls was a stall run by a local school as a fundraising venture.

Dear Editor,

The artist’s concept of the “improved” main road in Muri that was on the front page recently is real pretty.

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