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Letters: Amend the law for all

Thursday December 05, 2019

Christianity is our way of life in the Cook Islands and we are not all akatutuvaine, they are special like everyone else.

Thank you so much Louisa Wall for your tautoko in the kaupapa, I am the Cook Islands’ first transgender to have a sex change, in 1976.

On behalf of our family, thank you to the staff of Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort and everyone else who has extended kindness and compassion to our dear sister-in-law, Leslie Donison, as she navigates the unthinkable.

Letters: No room for Chinese bank

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Dear editor

Your article “Chinese banks can enter Cooks crowded market” in Thursday, October 24 issue, came as a real surprise.

Dear editor,

Kia orana in the most blessed name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amene.

Dear editor,

Your article ("Development cooperation from Aussies", Dec 28) should be a major concern for all Cook Islanders, as it is for me.

Dear editor,

There was never a dispute over the owernship or the rights of registered landowners of part Nukupure 3C comprising the netball court and football field. The issue was over who represents the landowners.  

Dear editor,

There is a common denominator in two spiky letters to the editor from Ellena Tavioni and Rangi Ngariki about my client and I showing our thumbs up after our trial victory – they are completely ignorant of what the facts are, but displayed outrage fueled entirely by emotion.

Letters: Water treatment

Thursday November 28, 2019

Dear editor,

Chemical water treatment includes issues of supply, storage, dosing, monitoring, and the disposal of waste. It also should ensure that the waterworks do not impact on our environment and biodiversity.

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