Iriti Maoate: MP Selina Napa

Saturday September 12, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

On Thursday Cook Islands News published the Kata cartoon depicting Titikaveka MP Sel Napa to be money-grabbing, lazy and a very selfish Member of Parliament.

Kata again has got it very wrong. She is one of the hardest working MPs in this country.

Sel stated that the Ministry of Health should be including all the puna in their email updates to MPs.

She is right because our puna are the ones who need to be given the updates at the same time as the MPs because they are the people who are given the responsibility of actioning the orders of Health.

MPs like Sel, support and help wherever they can.

I am from the Titikaveka constituency and I have known Sel for many years. I know what she does for our village and has always done.

She works very hard for our community. If there is a community event, you can be sure Sel is there, helping, giving, supporting.

If someone reaches out to Sel for help, she does her best for that person. If there is a working bee in our village, you can be sure Sel is at the front driving it.

I am sure a lot of people remember the photo taken by Cook Islands News during the recent monsoon rains that caused flooding around Rarotonga.

That was Sel, in the pouring rain by herself, clearing rubbish from drainage. She didn’t wait for a team, machinery or the rain to stop.

Sel just got out there and did her best. That is the type of person she is. She is the opposite of all the things that Kata tried to portray her as being. Those kinds of cartoons do nothing for small communities like ours that work together.

We are lucky to have good leadership from Sel and the good people in our puna. especially more so at this time when we are all worried and trying to keep ourselves safe from Covid-19 entering our country.

One of the things that Sel has always shown the community and the many people she is connected to is kindness. I am asking the person behind Kata to start practicing some of that.

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