Dean Kapi-Tangata: Mamas stay strong in Auckland

Tuesday March 31, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor;

Fact number 1: We waited, and waited, and waited for a cancellation, but it was not cancelled until day three of the tournament, when we were already in Hawaii. We specifically asked for a postponement and was left wanting.


Fact number 2: According to the clause of the Golden Oldies Constitution, we would have received a total of zero reimbursement or remuneration for all costs paid had we cancelled from our end without a final word of cancellation from the governing body, meaning that the almost $10,000 paid by each member in the two years leading to the tournament would have gone straight down the drain.

Some of us have not only worked hard to save that money, but sacrificed in order to do it, and we would be more than happy to do so again, in fact, we will! For the 2022 tournament in Sunshine Coast.

Fact number 3: Multiple meetings were held prior to departure with multiple stakeholders, including the Police, Customs and the Ministry of Health, and although meticulous advice on how to care for ourselves were given, no one told us not to go. A lot of the negative comments seem to be working under the assumption that we are a group of stubborn, ignorant, crazy old bats, however we took all the necessary precautionary measures and are merely victims of circumstance.

Who could have known that New Zealand, of all places, a shelter of security and trust, would receive over 30 positive cases of Covid-19, three days in a row? No one. We are altogether, we hold devotion twice a day, we entertain ourselves with movie nights, cards, stories of times past, and activities to keep us all laughing and smiling and living by the Grace of God, and we will continue to do so until the powers that be, allow us to come home.  If people truly cared, then they would remember us in their prayers.

Dean Kapi-Tangata


To all our friends and family in the group, please don’t take any notice of all the negative comments, obviously they don’t know the full story and have no compassion in this time of crisis.

We should be supporting and uplifting each other in this time.

Struggles are real for you all stranded and away from your families.

Aue tau e to tatou tu e.

Anyway stay safe and we are praying for you all.

Marlene Kapi Tanga

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