John M Scott: Time to support local businesses

Monday March 30, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor
John M Scott: Time to support local businesses

It was encouraging to hear the Minister of Finance urging consumers during these difficult times to support local businesses in order to sustain livelihoods and maintain business continuity and economic activity. I certainly hope that we will see this translate, where eggs are concerned, into a rationalisation of that market.


Despite the fact that before government took the axe to local production many years ago the several egg farmers here and in the outer islands were perfectly capable of meeting the entire Cook Islands’ demand but that sadly is no longer the case.

Those that have not given up and remain but forced to contract operations, should now not have to continue to be confronted by the imports and possibly unsold stock.

I put it to government, in the spirit of the minister’s announcements, and to give tangible expression to them, to now take such action as is necessary to avoid local producers having to unnecessarily cope with competing imports.

I am not saying imports should stop altogether and the market become devoid of eggs but rather imports be limited to making up any shortfall which is a proposal I have unsuccessfully made before.

John M Scott

Scotts Farm

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