Malcolm Laxton-Blinkhorn: Covid-19 support

Monday March 30, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

I, along with most Cook Islanders, are very impressed with government and NGOs precautionary measures to prevent Covid-19 getting here. And response of people adhering to the rules is also impressive.


As proven in New Zealand, the majority of coronavirus cases are from incoming people. 

Fortunately we have no known cases here.

As an extra precaution would it not be sensible to ban all flights?

It would a tough decision to make considering the amount of locals who are trying to come home.

It might be disruptive and inconvenient to those wanting to come home but why jeopardise the lives of a whole nation for the inconvenience of few?

Drastic measures. But could be life saving measures.

Ka kite


Malcolm Laxton-Blinkhorn


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