Teresa Manarangi-Trott: ‘Atea’ as a new name alongside Cook Islands

Tuesday February 18, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

A simple google search of the word “Atea” suggests this word is already used by others and confusion with regard to translation and copyright might be an issue.


Atea is a deity in several Polynesian cultures, including the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands, and New Zealand.

Atea is a Polynesian cosmological term that refers to the moment when it was believed that light first sparked forth after many eons of thick, engulfing darkness, resulting in the birth of the first generation of gods.

Across Polynesia, ritual artefacts were created for the powerful chiefs who descended from these gods and who, as political and religious leaders, were imbued with the spiritual essence (mana) of their forbears.

Atea (Maori Dictionary): (noun) courtyard, public forum – open area in front of the wharenui where formal welcomes to visitors takes place and issues are debated.

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