John Uri: ‘Let the people decide’

Thursday February 13, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

History repeats itself. So many ups and downs in our history comes from the fundamental errors made by the Ui Ariki and Mataiapo since 1888, just before the establishment of a ‘government’ in 1891.


Internal conflicts ruled the day between the chiefs that never ended for much of the next 50 years.

They accepted the colonist veto that our country should be named the ‘Cook Islands’, by their failure to reject that name in the first place.

(Captain James) Cook played no part in our country, he just happened to be sailing past one or two islands, on his way to Hawaii or Tonga.

Now we’re stuck with a name that bears no cultural meaning to our society – the implication being its widely misunderstood interpretation by the current generation, especially young people.

The House of Ariki has no real veto power today and they should leave that judgement to the people to make.


John Uri


The name – Cook Islands – as simple as it is, is often misspelt, especially without the ‘s’ on the end; that is not a name that is held with respect, recognition, and identity.

Even amongst Cook Islanders, on Facebook, the name that is apparently so important is incorrectly spelt.

Some say, in regards to the ‘s’ being left out, that it is because the plural doesn’t exist in Maori. So then why not give the islands a Maori name?

Give it a name that is about the identity of the first people of the islands. Tourists who are interested to visit will learn. It may even become a sales pitch and many will respect and want to know more about a small nation that had the courage to choose a name reflecting their identity.

I was in Rarotonga at Christmas and was saddened at how “foreign” it is now.

I was shocked that so many shops were open on Christmas day – even in New Zealand, the shops aren’t open on Christmas day.

Why has this happened?

Don’t lose the true identity of the Cook Islands.


Edna Torea-Allan



Dog problem


Dogs need to be kept within boundaries or tied up.

Consequences of roaming dogs is that they will be shot by police and rightly so. Unfortunately dogs are left stranded due to owners not wanting them anymore. People need to think first before they own a dog and the responsibility attached. If you can’t walk it, feed it and ensure it has a safe and big enclosure then don’t get a dog!

Unfortunately wild dogs are ruining our safety on our roads and hurting our people and tourists. It needs to stop.

Consider a no dog policy just like Aitutaki.


Michelle Simiona-Teoteo



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