William Framhein: Demos boss admits social post

Monday February 03, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

The purpose of this letter is to offer the public an explanation in respect of a posting on the Democratic Party Facebook page on Thursday 30 January 2020.

Firstly that post was intended to be made on another Facebook page (Matariki FM) but somehow the post ended up on the Democratic Party Facebook page by mistake.

I unreservedly apologise to the Democratic Party for that mistake and take full responsibility.

I also confess that I denied making that post on the Democratic Party Facebook to certain people without explanation. I now offer my explanations in making those denials, in particular to the Police Department, Cook Islands News and members of my family.

Whilst I have not broken any law, out of necessity I was compelled to deny making the post on the Democratic Party Facebook page.

This is because my life was threatened and my family was also threatened. This was and still is, a real death threat which was sent to me in a post on Facebook.

For your information, at 4.20pm Thursday 30 January 2020 I laid a complaint with the Police Department in respect of the death threat made against me. I will follow up my complaint with the Commissioner of Police.

I am happy to evidence the threat made against me provided you publish it.

Coming back to the content of the post, I stand by the post I made reporting what Mona Ioane told those who were at the Cook Islands Christian Church service last Thursday.

He was brave and had the guts to tell it how it is with young people and pleading with them to change their ways. Mona presented an amazing message, it was powerful and useful and I thought it was important for those who were not at the service to know what he said despite the pain he and his wife were suffering.

I apologise to Mona and his family for the bad timing of the post but I was so touched by the moment when he expressed his desire to do whatever it takes to save other lives and that’s what drove me to making the post in church. I admired Mona for his strength and I will help him get his program off the ground.

I have met Mona, to offer my apology and support for his program.

William Framhein Apai Mataiapo Komono

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