Letters: Helping when others turned their backs

Saturday February 01, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor
Minister George Maggie. 19081405 Minister George Maggie. 19081405

Dear editor,

There have been some negative comments made recently about George Maggie, however I wanted to write to your newspaper about the other side of Mr Maggie that people don’t know about. 

I wanted to highlight Maggie’s show of kindness involving a matter where I was acting as legal counsel.

I had a case four years ago where a young man who had been convicted was sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

After he had served his sentence he remained in custody because his family had disowned him.

In order for the court to release the defendant, the probation service wanted an address to be able to monitor his transition into society.

The court advised that they could no longer keep him in prison however no one in society would take him in. His family turned their backs on him and all social services offered no help.

George Maggie approached me and gave the young man accommodation as well as a job working for one of the largest construction companies on the island.

Maggie fed him and took him to work and picked him up after work until the young man was able to get on his feet.

I understand he has gone to New Zealand. In my books, a good deed deserves recognition.

Maggie volunteered to help when everyone including government institutions turned their backs on this young man.

George Maggie may have a past but I believe that he is genuinely trying to help in his own way. I say, good on him and people like him. We need more people like this in our society.

Mark Short 

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