Letters: Be careful, or lose it all

Friday January 31, 2020 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Thomas Wynne’s opinion piece (“Sons for the return home”, Jan 25) highlights issues facing many Cookies both here and in New Zealand.

Wynne meets a bright, young, educated Cookie wanting to return home to the Cooks, these lands of his tipuna, and contribute to his ancestral Te Ipukarea’s future economic prosperity.

On the other hand it may be the biggest mistake of his life leaving “the land of milk and honey” – where 80,000-plus Cookie Kiwis already call home.

A number of Cookies already here are no longer able to cope in today’s economically depressed and trying climate, where they too may soon have no option but to also emigrate to New Zealand.

On the other side of the ledger, are those returning Cookies from New Zealand who invested in a business here and found that they just couldn’t make it work, deciding instead to cut their losses, pack everything up and return to New Zealand because they just couldn’t make ends meet. Question: Where are the opportunities Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown speaks of?

So, for those returning returning Cookies who came here and then went back to NZ as a result of losing their financial investment here, that’s when they realise that there were few opportunities here to begin with.

No surprises there, as our economy today has no diversification of our country’s primary resources as a result of poor government policies failing to support our primary industries, with a visionless government wholly reliant on only tourism.

And for a number of Cookies here also unable to make ends meet, what do they do?

Stay and live here in poverty earning minimum wage of $8/hr ... or go to New Zealand earning minimum $17/hr?

Continue with the business until our economy has tanked and lose all your investment ... or return to New Zealand where business opportunities are far better in an internationally-recognised developed nation, both economically strong and wealthy?

Or maybe like our esteemed maine Liz Iro, Bredina Drollet and Jackie Evans, who together with our no doubt delighted tama Thomas Wynne, wholeheartedly made the most of the opportunities offered them at the time, knowing and grasping that you never look a gift horse in the mouth and so you grab that opportunity, yes you do!

Soon, many of our Cookies both here and abroad, may be on the cusp of having to reconsider and then make some life-changing decisions; whether to stay or go. So, be extremely careful e whanau, for there will be no second chances after you’ve lost it all...

Ka kite e kia manuia,

Papa Williams

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