Letters: Cook Islands should be free

Thursday November 07, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Mark Brown. 18110502 Mark Brown. 18110502

Rarotonga belongs to the people, not Mark Brown. Who is this guy, where did he come from? In my days Rarotonga was a place to be free, not for sale.


We are not free because New Zealand is the one that helps Rarotonga out, not China, and for this guy to say that China can come to Rarotonga – man he must be a joke for the Rarotonga people right now.

We don’t need more banks in Rarotonga and we don’t need China money. So for this guy to say “jump”, so do some of the Cook Island people jump? The government of Cook Islands, they don’t care for the Cook Island people, they just want the money.

Not thinking of the people in the Islands right now, how sad to sell the Cooks to the Chinese, so so sad. My home, the Cook Islands, home of the free.

Moeroa Ofisa

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