Letters: The ants know everything!

Thursday October 31, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Like the majority of Cook Islanders didn't predict this would happen!


Can those making these decisions and signing us away in government stop thinking with their personal ego and pride and actually make decisions based on what the people actually say they want and need?

Plead! We don’t need more phoney aid and 'development' in the Cook Islands.

Do it once and do it right – the whole island is shaking their heads – but really it starts with getting better people making better decisions for our people into government, and better quality control and checks in the process.

Sure, there are some good people in these positions for sure. But aue i there are a lot of time-wasters who tell us they know what’s best but are really just nodding their heads to the financiers. Shame on you for letting this deal go through, and all the other mishandled projects that are in the “leaky building” category in the first place.

I hope the fix-up job is done to the standard we need – so that we get some actual upgraded water quality (without chlorine), that’s the plan that makes sense!

Let’s support our environment, don't kill it. Please people, we need to stick up for our 'enua and 'iti tangata – our future tamariki!

Sign the petition and stay in tune with the “no chlorine” issue – we need to all say no to chlorine, a big no way to Government. The chemicals they want to pump into this system are a poisonous time-bomb that will eventually help to kill us and our environment. Not only do we not need it and there are alternatives, I do not trust that we can maintain this chemical and process.

Please don't forget we do have a choice – we should not be bullied and railroaded into bad decisions.

Government needs to listen to their people and stop acting like we are annoying ants who know nothing.

The ants know everything!

It's severely frustrating to see our island continually being unwisely managed. Please, please, can we do better!

Long sigh and deep breath, and a prayer for forgiveness, let’s move on and take the right path every time.

Ani O’Neill

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