Letters: Restructuring consulate

Saturday October 26, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

What we need here in New Zealand for our Cook Islands families is a strong social service with qualified and passionate people who are able to assist and support in all areas whether it be health, housing, work and income, police.


Yes, look at health what about our tamariki in Oranga Tamariki, what about our men and women in prison, who will cater for their wellbeing?

And who will assist if we are to focus on just health.

We need to open our eyes to reality because a few is out there doing the job with what little they have or nothing, but still manage to get support to these families.

Our government here and abroad aren’t listening to the people who are doing the groundwork – they are overlooking things that are pertinent to Cook Islands people’s needs.

Mama Rosie and her staff Francis Fariau and others are awesome supporters for our people so let Cook Islands social service agencies be a part of our Consulate if this is the only way to cater for all wellbeings of Cook Island people and children.

Emma Pokoina

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