Letters: Clutching at straws

Friday October 25, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Government’s obvious United Nations aspirations leading to loss of New Zealand citizenship for all Cook Islanders here and abroad ... for what real and tangible benefits?

Continuation of the European Union Purse Seining Agreement has led to the contractual loss of our fisheries resource for some 18 years, which in the real world is a very poor business decision. Then of course we have the seabed mining of our manganese nodules, which would only cause harm to our fisheries resource and devastate our nation’s food security.

And with government’s failure to support our primary industries of agriculture, fishing and pearl farming, why are they even bothering to have consultations such as the Ministry of Marine Resources and Pacific Community’s Pearl Forum initiative? To what end?

After all, government had already openly failed the pearl farmers of Manihiki in the worst possible manner by blatantly ignoring their desperate pleas in the first place.

So why should we not be surprised about the news (“Cooks become Pacific’s first developed island nation”, October 5) highlighting government’s dilemma with our Developed Nation status, while stating government’s 100 per cent desperate support for seabed mining, while ignoring calls at the Pacific Islands Forum for a 10-year seabed mining moratorium?

Government’s huge economic failures as a result of ignoring our people’s valid concerns are clearly amplified by their sheer desperation in clutching at straws to fix their monumental mistakes, which certainly appears to look like the beginning of the end for the Cooks, as we know it.

Tupou Faireka

Democratic Party co-president

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