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Tuesday October 22, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Kia orana editor

The economist may have “overlooked” asking local’s their opinions however, what they’re saying is not damning our market but more of a warning.

Research shows there is a steady stream of tourist coming to the Cooks, and we do need to think of extending our reach to northern hemisphere continents – North America, Europe and Asia.

But not forgetting our New Zealand and Australian tourist, who have been the biggest contributors of tourism numbers for some time.

There will always be questions of our infrastructure coping with the increased stresses, how far behind is our infrastructure, what do we need to do to meet the increased demands, who will spearhead these changes?

Could this be the driver that our government needs to address these existing issues and make Cook Islands a tourist destination?

If the infrastructure changes took place, this would also mean that our locals benefit just as much as our tourists. Better water, sewerage, health services, workforce and a healthy economy for everyone.

I also find it hard to read one of the paragraphs, saying that saturating the market with variations of price points brings a lower-yield customers.

I am no economist, or qualified professor, I am actually the opposite – a curious Cook Islander who asks a lot of questions. I have yet to meet such a customer, and I would like to meet one, one day.

Do you not want to be able to cater for all tourists, and provide a truly sustainable, scalable economy?

The economist is speaking the truth. That is their job, to examine data and make forecasts.

Don’t get angry at them, if anything let’s consider what they’re suggesting.

And it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade our existing infrastructure, health services, local work force – heck, why not an increase in our living standards so we don’t have to live life like it’s 1972?

And let’s be brave and ask our government; when will the infrastructure be right, when can we get better health services, when can get a better workforce?

Or can we build holiday homes, rent them out for a reasonable price, give your guest an experience they won’t forget, and they will be your advertisers for more customers who will enjoy staying at your place.

Heck you may even meet this “lower-yield customers”, and can you please let them know I would be interested in meeting them also.

Be safe my island, be fearless, be kind to each other – “No te aro‘a ‘ua o te Atua i taea mai ei tatou e te marama mei runga mai.”

Papa Manavaikai

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