Letters: Purse seining deal ‘a mistake’

Wednesday October 16, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor

Government made the mistake by accepting an eight-year fishing agreement with the European Union (reviewable every four years). It has given away our fish stock like peanuts with very minimal return for it.


The government tried to make out as though the $8 million windfall is a big deal when it’s not. The length of the agreement (eight years) is too long. It means that the government has very little room to manoeuvre for a better deal.
The European Union have good intentions towards Pacific countries in this process but our government, it would appear, lacked the specialist skills needed to argue for a better deal on our behalf.

It is generally argued that because we have a large economic zone in our waters, there is no effective means to monitor illegal fishing. It is common for large fishing vessels to do illegal purse seining on the fringes of our waters because they know we don't have the maritime boats (and speed) to catch them. So there goes our tuna stocks.

 John Uri

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