Letters: Shipping our life blood

Saturday October 12, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Taio Shipping is the bloodline to the outer islands, the Cook Islands extremities. Without our connections to the Pa Enua we are not fully embodied.


Taio Shipping is the blessed constant for all islands outside of Rarotonga – without them food, supplies and family connections would not be made. 

They are great cargo ships, they have been forged in Scandinavia and sailed here, they are robust and reliable, and Taio does his best to keep them afloat against all odds with no help from the government.

During the times of the Tiare Taporo gaining funds and sympathy from government, while it sat idly at the Avatiu wharf paying no fees, Taio shipping carried on providing a regular service. 

They are not passenger vessels – but if they are the only ones servicing the outer islands what are they to do? This was not the first time they had taken passengers or children, it is the first time they lost someone.

They have appealed to government to provide better transport but it has fallen on deaf ears.

We hear nothing from Rakahanga’s MP Tina Browne as to how she will help her people to have safe and reliable passenger transport to Rarotonga. 

A boy is lost forever, and silence reigns on providing better passenger solution.

Ruta Tangiiau

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