Letters: Formal protest to UN

Thursday September 26, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown’s omission from the United Nations photo is insulting and regretted.  


Did we get invited to this meeting or did we gatecrash? Was the Deputy Prime Minister wearing the casual clothes in your photo? If so, he may have been stopped for improper dress code.

I would have expected the Deputy Prime Minister to wear the latest suit from Broadway New York with his huge salary and clothing allowance.  

That aside, I feel we as a nation are deeply offended and insulted. A strong letter of protest should be fired off to the United Nations Secretary-General.

Note Foreign Affairs, next time our Ministers are invited to attend United Nations meetings, ensure we are able to attend all functions including photo shoots, get it confirmed and cancel the attendance if this is not guaranteed.  

Don’t rush to these meetings Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister just for the sake of being in New York, preserve our national pride and integrity!

Thank you,

Norman George
Association of Former MPs


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