Letters: UK shut Parliament for five weeks, Cooks shut down all year

Wednesday September 25, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Cook Islands Party Government should take careful note of the UK Supreme Court decision, ruling against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s action to prorogue Parliament for five weeks. 


The reasons given to Her Majesty the Queen were held by the Supreme Court to be false as it was based on improper grounds (to stop debates on Brexit).

Eleven judges unanimously quashed the prorogation and declared it invalid with no effect. The UK Parliament therefore resumes sitting in the morning.  

Back here we have a government that is governing for the second time without a mandate from the people.  

Having succeeded with the support of independent MPs, they embark on a devious and despicable programme of survival mode by cancelling regular sittings of the House in order to avoid challenges through confidence motions, lack of quorum or majorities.  

We end up with an average of 10 sittings a year.  

Parliament only sat to pass guillotined money supply Bills. All legislative Bills were ignored, amendment to Acts and repeals allowed to rot. 

We are now so far behind in modernising our laws that our Judges have great difficulties applying our laws, relying a lot on NZ laws for guidance.

This is all caused by government’s abuse and contempt for proper Parliamentary procedures. 

On behalf of Former Members of Parliament, I serve notice that the time has arrived for groups like us to consider future longterm adjournments by government as an abuse.  

We cannot rely on the opposition Demos all the time because they are bruised and battered with heavy election petition costs.  

We the responsible groups cannot allow our democracy and our Parliament to be withered away right before our eyes. 

Norman George
Association of Former MPs

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