LETTERS; Customs gets a customer services complaint

Saturday September 21, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
LETTERS; Customs  gets a customer  services  complaint

Dear editor,

I sent a parcel from Mackay, Queensland, Australia on Monday 26th August 2019, addressed to my brother and my son.


The parcel was for my son and his expectant girlfriend, it contained men's clothes, maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby lotions, powders etc.

I received notification from AusPost on Tuesday 27th August that the parcel had arrived in the Cook Islands.  I was again notified by AusPost on Monday 2nd September 2019 that the parcel was with Customs. 

As of this morning (your Thursday 19th September 2019) the parcel is still with Customs.  Why does it take so long to obtain a Customs Clearance?  Is the Cook Islands Customs understaffed?  At this rate my grandson will be born before the parcel is received (only a month to go).

This situation does not reflect well on either the Cook Islands Overseas Postal Service or the Cook Islands Customs.

Your investigation into the problems these Services must be facing will be greatly appreciated.

Susan Marsters




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