Letters: ‘We are still letting Scorpfield down’

Friday September 20, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Scorpfield Wichman Anthony. 19091630 Scorpfield Wichman Anthony. 19091630

Dear editor,

I never had the pleasure of meeting Scorpfield Wichman Anthony and because of the actions of one of his grandfathers, I never will.


The fact the person responsible for Scorpfield’s death was allowed out on multiple day release and so early in his sentence is unacceptable.

The Minister of Corrections, no matter what we think of him, has either been poorly advised (if advised at all) by his chief executive who is conflicted beyond belief over this, or has chosen not to take his advice.

And no matter whether it’s within the law to be able to legitimise this day release that the cronies and business partners had running (and that’s dubious), it is just wrong. And the rehabilitation crap they refer to is just that.

The person responsible for Scorpfield’s care continues to attempt to minimise if not obliterate his responsibility in Scorpfield’s death. Initially he attempted to hide it by passing off his death as an accident.

The beating that killed Scorpfield was not a one-off, rather it was the one that the little boy’s body finally succumbed to. Hardly punishment to be allowed out to manage a business he co-owns.

This person has shown no remorse, no recognition of what he’s done, he says God put him in prison to rehabilitate fellow inmates?

I thought he was sent to prison as punishment for the brutal killing of an innocent young boy who was put in his care. And he has the gall to cast himself as the victim.

Now the minister’s chief executive (and inmate’s business partner) expresses concern that the newspaper publicity had “reopened old wounds” and hurt Taria’s immediate family. Seriously? Those “wounds” will never close for Scorpfield’s mother or great-grandparents.

Tragedy did strike Scorpfield and there are a number of people, beyond the grandfather who killed him, who could have prevented his death, and they didn’t, and they let him down.

And now, after his death, Scorpfield is still being let down. Shame on us all.

Jaewynn McKay

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