Letters: Another pensions raid?

Thursday September 12, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor

The letter from Roger Malcolm regarding the freeing up of his Cook Islands pension from the Government to be used to pay off the student loan of the Aitutaki Student Doctor loan. 


He said “our” pensions so presumably him and his wife, would pay off $90,000 in five years, that means they must receive $9,000 each per year – not so much as the New Zealand pension, but as he said, a worthwhile amount to be used in a positive way. 

Now I am thinking there are others like Roger who have stopped receiving their Cook Islands pension in lieu of the New Zealand one, so how much money has government been able to keep? And how are they spending it?

It could be quite a considerable amount if a lot of people have changed over, and who wouldn't want to earn the New Zealand pension if you only get $9000 here?

Cook Islands Party have indicated they will raise the Cook Islands pension for over 70-year-olds – when and by how much remains to be seen.

When government announced their own wage rise, a total of $700,000 extra per year of taxpayers money, they never said how we could afford it.

Has anyone asked how they plan to fund it? Well, maybe Roger has uncovered the secret. There is probably thousands and thousands not being given away to pensioners that Government is using to line their own pockets.

Imagine if they decided to use it to pay off our debt to Chinese we might actually achieve it.

RAT Mave

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