Letters: Paying to bring doctors home

Monday September 09, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Letters: Paying to bring doctors home

Kia orana editor,

Recently, New Zealand modified the qualifying rules for their old age pensions (Super).  


Under the new rules if you lived 10 years in New Zealand after the age of 20 and lived 5 years in the Cook Islands after the age of 50 then you just qualified for a pension.  This pension was half the NZ full pension and hardly much more than the Cook Islands old age pension.

We just qualified and felt we should apply to relieve our government from having to pay us a pension during these tight financial times. 

I am sure government has many projects needing this money but if it could be accepted that we could have some say into how this windfall money is used could we just point out that we are old (that is a prerequisite for a pension) and need more medical attention to keep on living and giving this windfall.

We live on an outer island with no doctor.

So how much better if that windfall money got used to pay off that $90,000 student loan of young Aitutaki doctor TepaeruAriki French. 

Our pensions, if a medical condition doesn't get us first, would pay off her loan in five years. 

We know there is little chance she would come to our island but there is a chance with more doctors in the Cook Islands another doctor might.

Kia Manuia,

Roger Malcolm

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