Letters: A fishy tale

Saturday September 07, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Letters: A fishy tale

Dear Editor,

Speaking to a friend last week, she was telling me about these two kids on Facebook who decided to take their pet fish in the fish tank for a swim with them ... in their swimming pool!


One of them ran inside the house, and moments later was back at poolside with the squirming

pet, where he immersed himself into the pool and released the fish. After a few moments, the

fish started swimming sideways, and it became obvious that the fish was clearly in distress.

Quickly, the fish was scooped out of the swimming pool, and put back in to its fish tank...alas, all to no avail as it didn't recover from the immersion in the chlorinated swimming pool, and died, leaving the kids very remorseful for their impetuous action.

No doubt, if this water was also used to water any plants, they too would also die.

For many hundreds of years, we've been drinking God's heavenly water here in Raro, as well as in the Pa Enua with no problems. I don't want my children and mokos drinking chlorine; with today’s advances in modern technology and better water disinfectant options, let's be very careful with our selection of which disinfectant we use, which our children will also be drinking.

With all the proven science and better informed knowledge available, it will show that the option of water chlorination will be the worst possible option, make no mistake about it. There will be no second chances if the wrong choice is made ...

Think Carefully!

Papa Williams

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