Letters: Treat water stations, not home water

Friday August 30, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor, 

As the debate continues, to treat water or not, I find it interesting to read so many opinions.  It occurs to me that either way there will be a huge number of people left disappointed by the final decision.  


The reason for the water debate is that our drinking water carries matter that can be detrimental to the health of the people on Rarotonga. 

The question I have then is: with most of the water ending up down the drain after using it for bathing, laundering, cleaning, etc, do we really need to treat our entire water source?

If the issue is only that we need clean drinking water then why not treat just that?  

As it is, we are accustomed to visiting the water stations, filling our drinking bottles with better quality although sometimes questionable water. 

Those who prefer to drink straight from their home taps do so. Organic growers have no issues. Larger families aren't left out of pocket with a water bill to add to their ever increasing cost of living.  

If the water station tanks are treated, or even a handful of them to give people options, then wouldn't everyone be happy?  Water stations have already been set up for this purpose. 

If our entire water source is treated then aren’t we simply flushing it down the toilet?

Anne-Marie Bounsall 

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