Letters: Reflection on Pastor Eliu Eliu

Saturday August 24, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Pastor Eliu Eliu passed away this month. 19082226 Pastor Eliu Eliu passed away this month. 19082226

Dear editor,

It is with great sadness that I heard of the laying to rest of my dear brother ELiu ELiu. Ever since we met during our Masters Degree studies at Avondale College back in 1995, I have had the utmost respect and high regard for this Man of God.


Eliu has always been a person of absolute integrity and authenticity in regard to his faith and the church.

Eliu has always been a great defender of the youth of the church. He has, on many occasions, shared with me about the need for our church to be a place where your young people can find Jesus.

During my time in the NZ-Pacific Union Conference, Eliu was one of our mature youth Directors whose advice and friendship I sought frequently.

Eliu had the most beautiful blend of Pacific Island relaxed attitude and the love of people, nature, the ocean, the trees, and the Cook Island paradise he called home.

He hosted one of the most memorable Youth Advisories I have ever had out in Aitutaki, at Samade Beach. We didn’t get the whole agenda done, but we as a team of Youth Directors became like family. Eddie, Clive, Felix, Eliu Julene and Neil all had an unforgettable week of worship, dreaming of what the church could be and planning the first ever NZ-Pacific Union Conference Pathfinder Camporee.

He also hosted an afternoon sailing trip on the beautiful Cook Island Vaka for the Master Guides along with Dr Gilbert Cangy and myself. This was just one of the dreams we shared together.

Throughout our friendship Eliu has displayed his love of music, culture, God and the church and he tried to create links between them all in order to share the love of Christ with his Island family.

Eliu will be remembered always as a great connector of people and His GOD. May He rest in peace till his name will be called by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on that great resurrection morning.

On that day we all be reunited once again never to be separated.

Dr Nick Kross,
SPD Youth Specialist

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