Letters: Imagine fewer politicians

Friday August 23, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Dr Josephine Herman. 19072332 Dr Josephine Herman. 19072332

I saw the headline in your paper: ‘Health boss hails the ‘resilience’ of Pa Enua without any doctors’.


And I wondered how people would react to having fewer MPs.

They would really have work for the people not be so self-centred, less overseas travel, it might free up a couple of cabinet ministers.

Just think about it the funds could be invested in few flying doctors that could fly to the Pa Enua to support the wonderful work done by our nurses.

Or assist the principals of schools with the up skilling our teachers.

Oh well we are prepared to put with up the status quo.

Listen to the John Lennon song imagine, Just imagine what we could do it is not that hard surely.

Kevin Barr,

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