Letters: ‘Chlorine is a river of no return’

Wednesday August 21, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Letters: ‘Chlorine is a river of no return’

Dear editor,

It really saddens me to read in this morning’s newspaper (August 20) that the Ui Ariki or traditional leaders have given their full support to chlorinate our water. I thought they would give chances to their Matakeinanga to get the support.


My understanding is each Ariki has to get the support of his or her Matakeinanga first.

The Vaiora manufacture by Pa Ariki’s brother in-law Harry Napa was mentioned by her, but hey, that chlorine was mixed with sweet flavours which was nice to drink and this has contributed to the diabetes.

Sugar was blamed and sweets were blamed, in fact it is chlorine and hard to cure as we are still drinking it. Surely this contributes to most of our sickness, from our drinks, and our agriculture when farmers spray them.

Chlorinated water affects our agriculture, mark my word, and our human life.

Please understand me, don’t hate me for this because once we make mistakes, we can’t undo, for this will be the river of no return.

Thank you Lord for whispering into my ears what to write.

Kaka mai te marama kite poiri, kare rai te poiri e akiki atu. Amene.

Joe Ngatae

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