Letters: Whale of an idea

Monday August 19, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

I see in last Thursday's paper that visitor numbers to the Cook Islands, especially from New Zealand, are declining. Also I read that the whale research centre needs money to rebuild.


I have a solution to both problems. Allow suitable operators to run whale watch/swim trips as they do in Tonga. They are booked out all season, and Rarotonga tourism would be inundated by people who are (like us) besotted with humpbacks. It does the whales no harm and everybody, including the Whale Centre, would make a mint.

We have been coming to Rarotonga every year at this time from the south island of New Zealand, and it would also certainly help visitor numbers if at least one airline could be persuaded to once again run a direct flight from Christchurch to Rarotonga. That, and suggestions above should see visitor numbers booming.

Joan and Don Smith,

Christchurch, New Zealand 

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