Letter: Safety Data Sheet for Anolyte

Tuesday August 13, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Papa Williams. Papa Williams.

Dear editor,

The Safety Data Sheet for Anolyte, from Radical Waters Ltd, South Africa, says it is an oxidising disinfectant and a weak acid. It says: “No hazards expected under normal conditions of use.”


This information about Anolyte is self-explanatory; it is not hazardous and toxic to our babies, ourselves, our organic plants, or our marine life.

Indeed, Dr Ian Calhaem's two articles in Cook Islands News were timely reminders about the merits of Anolyte as a superior alternative water disinfectant, together with filtration systems, UV and ozone, rather than government’s preferred chlorine.

Congrats to Aitutaki Nui Resort for your wise choice of Anolyte as a disinfection. Kapai!

Really, it's a no-brainer. Please support Te Vai Ora Maori and sign the Petition for No Chlorine!

Ka Kite e Kia Manuia,
Papa Williams.

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