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Wednesday August 07, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
A letter writer says organic farmers like Wayne Mitchell (pictured) will suffer from chlorination of water in Rarotonga. 19073127 A letter writer says organic farmers like Wayne Mitchell (pictured) will suffer from chlorination of water in Rarotonga. 19073127

Dear editor,

My heart goes out to our hardworking agricultural farmers who are trying to institute a neweconomic income stream method of growing foods that has taken the world by storm.

Organicfarming is growing agricultural product without using any chemicals whatsoever, and consumers are consuming it big-time because it has no chemicals in the product.

Pioneering Cook Islands organic farmers like Wayne Mitchell, Teava Iro, Akua Roberts and numerous other converted planters, have completed a series of organic farming workshop initiatives over the ppast few years, enabling them to be certified as organic farmers, gaining recognition both here and internationally, for growing agricultural products organically without using chemicals.

Now the government wants to disinfect our water with the chemical chlorine – which

will virtually kill off the new organic farming initiative - causing harm to plants, marine life and us.

Below is part of the Safety Data Sheet for chlorine from RealChem Australia, and it reads:

1.       Other means of identification: Calcium hypochlorite, Hydrochlorous acid, Calcium oxychloride,

Calcium salt, Bleaching powder.

2.       Hazards identification, classification of the substance/mixture: This material is classified as

hazardous according to the criteria of Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP), the Globally

Harmonised System of Classification, Labelling and Safe Work Australia.

Oxidising Solid- Category 2

Acute Toxicity- Oral-Category 4

Skin Corrosion/Irritation- Category 1B

Serious Eye Damage/Irritation- Category 2

Acute Hazard to the Aquatic Environment- Category 1 (M-Factor = 10).

Hazard Statements:

 AUHO31      Contact w/acids liberates toxic gas

 H272             May intensify fire; oxidizer

 H302             Harmful if swallowed

 H314             Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

 H400             Very toxic to aquatic life

This information about chlorine is self-explanatory.

Dr Ian Calhaem's article in Cook Islands News’ July 27 issue, was a timely reminder about the merits of Anolyte as a superior alternative water disinfectant together with filtration systems, UV and ozone treatment, instead of government’s preferred chlorine.

It is now time that we have an open and transparent debate about the relevance of chlorine in our

water today, knowing there are better, far superior and more effective alternatives available

today, that the majority of our people would prefer to further fully investigate, and to decide on.

I say: Let's have this open and transparent public debate, and be done with this 'chlorine issue', once

and for all!

Papa Williams

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  • Comment Link Ian Calhaem Friday, 09 August 2019 13:11 posted by Ian Calhaem

    Dear All,
    In my article of the 27th July I concentrated on options for water sanitation. However, the new ElectroChemical technology has wide reaching benefits in other areas, not the least being horticulture. It has BioGro certification for use in Organic farming, and there are numerous examples of Anolyte treatment enhancing plant growth and seed germination.
    For confidential reasons, I cannot reveal names, but there are already growers on Rarotonga who are using Anolyte in their production with great results.



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