Letter: Transparency, or a lack of integrity?

Saturday July 20, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

I am surprised and shocked to find that Cook Islands News has decided on a policy of not allowing non de plume names for letters to the editor. 

COMMENT: In a small place like Rarotonga you have curtailed an important source of disclosure and community discussion and I am totally disgusted by your new policy.

As editor you always have the right to refuse anything that has potential defamatory comments in a letter but in a small community like Rarotonga anyone expressing contrary views to the powerful and establishment has the real potential to be hassled and victimised.

Your new policy is doing an extreme disservice to democracy and the well being of this community and I urge you to review this policy immediately.

I am sure that only the powerful and some politicians  in this community supports your new policy and if those are the ones your paper want to serve so be it. But to me you have taken Cook Islands News to the lowest level of integrity possible.

Temu Okotai

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