Bluesky: Shape up or ship out

Tuesday July 16, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,


We recently spent a lovely two weeks in Rarotonga. Lovely, that is, except for a chaotic failure to connect with wifi.


This was brought about by a dysfunctional Bluesky hot spot. No matter how much we tried and how many vouchers we bought, we were not able to do our work.

We understand that Bluesky has a reputation for dysfunctional service. This isn’t good enough.

Cook Islands rely on tourism and both residents and visitors should have access to a reliable telecommunications service.

Bluesky should be advised that if they are not able to bring their services up to an acceptable standard, their authority will be revoked. At the same time, alternative providers should be invited to submit their proposals for a major overhaul of this vital function.

Graham Astley

Auckland, New Zealand

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