Letters: Rose Tuki-Brown pales next to Jacinda Ardern

Saturday July 13, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Minister for Health Rose Brown. Minister for Health Rose Brown.

Dear Editor, RAT Mave (Letters, July 11) must be commended for illustrating so succinctly what our so-called leaders are about.

Extensive travel, priority medication, an acting woman prime minister whose inclination to protocol and vaka-jumping is historic in itself. Also the same high-flier sacking 15 of our top-class nurses at last year’s conference, which she is now

attending again in 2019.

Next to Jacinda Ardern, her frailties are magnified; maybe it would suffice that she do a better job in her own capacity in Atiu or Rarotonga. At one stage this person was deputy Speaker of the House, Demos leadership aspirant, then a Cook Islands Party member.

Mr Editor, her own people would ask for a reality check before any more aggrandisement occurs.

Don Reid, Nikao

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