Letters: ‘Experts’ give chlorine no credence

Saturday July 13, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I agree entirely with your comment (Editorial, July 12) that “most of us know very little about the science behind water disinfection”.

 Agreed, “the advice of independent medical and chemical experts” would be most helpful.  And in that respect the Government has failed to present its case.

But you then completely destroy your request for informed debate when you state “combating water-borne illnesses like cholera and typhoid that kill 3.4 million people a year”.  Talk about “hysterical claims”. Perhaps the Health Department can advise us how many cases of these diseases we have had in the Cooks in the past 50 years.

Then of course we have the question of “experts”. We have seen many so-called government “experts” come and go, with plenty of disasters in their wake. In an article in Cook Islands News on July 10, you call two people experts. One is probably a very good plumber, the other possibly a good financial man, but I wonder if they would meet the standard of “independent medical experts”.  Cook Islands News clearly believes they are “experts”.

The biggest challenge is that Government lacks credibility over this whole water project. Chlorination may be the best option for us, but the void of information – including options – leave many of us uncertain.

Mike Carr

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