Paying MPs to rake up the leaves

Thursday July 11, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear editor,

Parliament sat for 13 half-days. Let’s round that up to seven full days. Now MPs get an extra $20,000 – that’s an extra $2,857.00 per sitting.


Puna gets an extra $50,0000, or an extra $7,142 per sitting day. In fact his total wage per days Parliament sit is $21,714 a day! The same I earn in a year. Plus, a $60,000 car to drive him seven days a year to work, then every week to the airport.  Cook Islands are recognised as an under-developed country; our Prime Minister and businesses spend time scrounging for charity, hand-outs, funding, from overseas – but we can pay our MPs $70,000 per year to cut our hedges, rake our leaves?

It is our financial intelligence that is under-developed. So start saying so. Ask your MPs to “show me the money” in your community.

RAT Mave


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