Will cars stop them walking?

Tuesday July 09, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Will cars stop them walking?

Dear Editor,

The purchase of four electric cars for ministers costing $60,000 is interesting, considering Raro Cars were selling Nissan Leaf cars for $17,000 retail each – an affordable option and one that would mean more cars for cash.


Rose Brown and George Maggie each receive a car when they are the outside ring-ins.  Rose has gone full circle, CIP, OCI, elected Demo, crossed after election to CIP with the promise of deputy prime minister. I am sure the car has been assigned to her so she does not walk, both literally and figuratively.  

Rose Brown, has a wage rise to $120,000-plus, a new $60,000 car, lives in a government house paid for by taxpayers.  She says she is for the people. One wonders if she will donate or grant her wage increase of $20,000 to the Atiu people.

George Maggie, another cross-the-floor walker, got a brand new ministry, so why a car too?  Will the leaf blowers and hedge trimmers fit in it? Is he in danger of needing a lift so he doesn’t walk as well?

2020 is the deadline Prime Minister Henry Puna set for being fully sustainable. I don’t believe four electric cars will convince anyone of our commitment to that goal, but bets are on that a charging station will be installed outside the Koru lounge in the future.

RAT Mave’

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