Time to poll opinion on political reform

Saturday June 01, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I commend Cook Islands News for taking the initiative to run its recent opinion poll.  Very timely and I do hope polls of this nature continue in future.


However, one important ‘elephant in the room’ type question not asked in its recent poll is whether the public would support the establishment of an independent committee to examine all aspects of political reform.

Given the ever-changing demographics in the country, particularly relating to the rapidly decreasing populations in the Pa Enua, it is most timely for political reform issues to be placed high on the agenda.

If anything, the poll results indicate a lack of public support for two major ideas or initiatives put forward by the government, a pay rise for MPs and seabed mining.  It might also be argued that the public is also against a third proposal, for “water disinfection”.

Is it too much of a stretch to suggest that the poll results reflect a more general, widespread public distrust of politicians, and the current government in particular?

It is very sad that the Cook Islands people are powerless to do anything about urgently needed political reform given the lack of will on the part of our elected representatives to look beyond their own self-interest.   Hopefully a future poll by Cook Islands News that puts the focus on questions largely on political reform will spur the voters of this country to put pressure on their respective members of parliament to make changes to our political system in order to reflect more equity in the overall representation of our people in Parliament.

Time for Political Reform

(Name and address supplied)



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