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Thursday May 30, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

The Demo spokesperson needs to get their facts right.


On Wednesday last week on the front page the Demo spokesperson told Cook Islands News the reason why they were cut from the meeting with the New Zealand delegation was because the government didn't want them to meet and discuss a number of issues with the delegation. The spokesperson made it look like the government had purposely changed the program so they couldn’t meet and talk with Winston and Nash.

This is just not true people and I know it’s not true because in yesterday’s paper the Demo party changed its story and said the delegation had to cut their visit short because of commitments with the Parliament in New Zealand. So which one is it? Demos spokesperson, is it as you said because the government tried to stop you meeting or is it because as you now say because the New Zealand delegation had changed it and had other commitments. How can you expect to lead a country when you can’t even get your story right. Fix yourselves, get the facts right before you even think of fixing the country.


(Name and address supplied)