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He’ll be playing rugby in heaven alone

Friday May 24, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Israel Falou. 19052022 Israel Falou. 19052022

Israel Falou doesn’t need any help when it comes to his battle with Rugby Australia because he assumes that God is on his side, and the good Pastor Tutai Pere agrees Israel Falou is fighting the good fight, because that is what the Bible says.


Why should any of those people be offended because the list Israel Falou proposes puts nearly the entire human race in Hell.

The Bible says that we should go forth and multiply, so why should fornicators be sent to hell for eternal damnation for doing what the good book tells us to do?

As well, contained in the Bible is the keeping of slaves, which seemed to be quite an acceptable and normal practice at the time. No wonder the slave traders and the cotton farmers in the USA were justifiably confused.

What about that story about the terrible father giving up his daughters to be raped by a mob hunting angels so these two angels that sought refuge in his house could be spared. That’s in the Bible. Seems like this father is lacking basic parenting skills, he’d give us daughters for a couple of strangers!

If that were me I’d kick those angels out of my house, no way would I give up my daughters or anyone else’s daughter to be raped by a mob to save two-winged men.

So where was God when the angels were being pursued; isn’t he everywhere and anywhere and couldn’t the angels just fly off into the sunset? Considering the earth was made in less than a week saving a couple of innocent girls from a blood thirsty mob would have been a walk in the park.

Talking about sunsets and the sun, let’s not forget that other anomaly, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the stars are supposed to fall to earth to announce this event. There is no way the stars are falling here, we would be burnt to a cinder way before our closest star got within a cooee of earth let alone fall on earth and what about the welcoming committee, how would we be able to meet with Jesus?

I would’ve liked to have worn my peace t-shirt, even my t-shirt given me by an old pot smoking hippie with the words Jesus Loves You on it.

I have not read all of the Bible but for many of us we know about the 10 Commandments, one of which announces that we should ‘ love thy neighbour’.

It doesn’t put any conditions to this, hell no, love thy neighbour no matter what, whether they be fornicators or gay or lesbian or black or white or Asian or just plain nuts.

There is that other thing, ‘judge not, lest you be judged’.

Let’s leave God to do his judgement on judgement day, there’ll be plenty of time for that. Let’s also stop this persecution of gays, lesbians and other non-straight relationships. After all Adam and Eve had children, who else would those children have had babies with apart from with themselves. We’re not even sure whether Adam and Eve’s children even married before having children out of wedlock, which should have drawn the ire of another pastor on the island who rants a bit about some world leader having a child out of wedlock.

God would never have allowed Adam’s sons and daughters to procreate with each other, but how else did the population expand? Explains a lot doesn’t it.

But all is not lost, this can be fixed. Even Israel Falou can be fixed and many other similar curious individuals and if that is too difficult then God can, instead, at the snap of his fingers fix those ‘others’ that Israel Falou likes to post on social media about.

Rugby is the game they say that is played in heaven, and at this rate Israel Falou will be playing with himself while all others rot in Hell.


(Name and address supplied)