Warning: Idiots at work

Thursday May 23, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
The scene that has drawn criticism. PHOTO COURTESY RARO REVS, COOK ISLANDS TELEVISION. 19052201 The scene that has drawn criticism. PHOTO COURTESY RARO REVS, COOK ISLANDS TELEVISION. 19052201

I was shocked last night watching the local news and seeing an employee snuck under a car that was hoisted by a forklift so he could position a container to collect flowing liquid from the car that had just been pounded by a pick. It made me think the show should be called “Idiots At Work”.


This was followed by segments of the government supervisor proudly explaining the joint venture work being carried out by Government and the contractor.  Whilst I am in full support of this work unfortunately there is no excuse for what appears to be a neglect of safety undertakings in this environment.

The flowing liquid is possibly of a hazardous nature and therefore flammable; the vehicle lifted is unsecure and balancing on two arms and could fall at any time; and the employee who snuck underneath to place the container so the liquid don’t flow into the soil and pollute the ground water was probably just following instructions.  How many other vehicles were prepped this way and how many near misses have gone unchecked?

There’s an online portal called ‘Idiots at Work’ and there you will see near death experiences by persons who obviously lack common sense and this is what prompted me to write to you so others can take heed.  Is this an employee or management issue? Clearly there is a lack of safety conscious people standing around.

I sometimes think that bad habits and behaviour have instilled itself in our way of life and changing mindsets is always a challenge but warnings and penalties can convince most.

CIGT is doing a good job but it’s the safety aspect that I am more concerned about.

This is a serious breach of safety regulations and I plead with those currently revamping our OSH rules to jump on board to ensure this does not happen again.


(Name and address supplied)


CIGT general manager Jesse Sword comments:

As you are aware our car baling unit was featured in the Raro Rev show. We are also processing e-waste for export. As can happen when under pressure with multiple things happening shortcuts can be taken. In this case, this was an unsupervised shoot and our team had been flat out handling e-waste !

We have set procedure in place when dismantling autos for recycling and pre-crushing, please refer to the attachment above.

We do not condone what was shown in the film and we are also a sponsor of the programme and praise young Daniel for his efforts, it’s a very interesting show and deserves positive feedback or constructive analogy.

The process mentioned was not followed in this instance , I suspect because of the requirement to stage a shot for the film on the car crusher project, at short notice with the team busy over seeing the e-waste deliveries coming in on the day.

Perhaps “Goosebumps” would like to spend a day with the team over seeing the process to better appreciate the good work we undertake to remove these wrecks off our beautiful island!

It would surely remove the goosebumps for good!

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