Step up border control to stop drugs

Thursday May 23, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

I read on the front page of Monday’s newspaper, how we could be or possibly be faced with a meth or cocaine problem.


I hope the head and minister of Customs Cook Islands is stepping up to take some responsibility for all this.

I believe that since they opened the door to approving anyone and everyone a license to have a CCA – customs cleared area, knowing full well they don’t have the man power to monitor all of them effectively – was the day drug dealers celebrated and started to improve their operations! So parents if you have anyone to blame for your children being introduced to this deadly weapon – blame them!

When Sir Geoffrey Henry was prime minister he saw the importance of restricting CCA’s for this very reason and other reasons which I can only predict will become issues for us real soon. 

Drugs like this can only come into the country one of two ways – air and sea. So if the PM and ministers are really concerned about it, then exert more resources and man power into these areas, it does not take a rocket science to know that this is what has to happen. 

From the talk that’s circling the island, MOE’s budgets have been cut from previous years, therefore that screams the message that Government does not value educating our people, and MOH’s budget has been doubled and possibly tripled, which is probably a good thing considering this new drug epidemic would probably give them more work.

But hey, here’s an idea, let’s push more money and resources towards border control. Or on a more immediate action, close down all these small CCA’s – and amalgamate them so that your Customs Department can monitor them better and on a regular basis Let’s not let known drug dealers who have been convicted for crimes of this nature, import and export cargo.

Let’s nip this deadly virus in the bud, before it gets us! You say the youth are our future leaders but you’re giving them a loaded gun to be anything but! Alternatively, we may not have any youth left if parents start moving their kids away to safer lands because of your ignorance.

Come on Government, do the right thing for your people, don’t wait till we have the first Meth fatality before raising the alarms! Let’s not be ‘sitting ducks.’ Let’s eliminate it before it eliminates us.

Angry Citizen

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