It’s not what you know

Wednesday May 22, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Our JPs are taking a strong stand on fraud.


A teacher in the Pa Enua was sentenced to three years’ jail for pocketing $30,000 he wasn’t entitled to. A girl with a history of theft got jail time for taking $2000.

Are we finally seeing justice in the Cook Islands for our career criminals who go from one job to another, stealing from businesses, schools and sports clubs with no accountability?

One would hope so, but after this good work, why has the largest fraud case in the Cook Islands gone unreported?

There is no name suppression reported because nothing is reported – it should have been front page news.

Maybe because the judge is not such a hard-liner as the JPs. Six years jail time for over $200,000 embezzled. Knowing our justice system and Corrective Services Minister George Maggie, this offender would probably be out on work details and allowed to go home and visit family, because he’s related to the right people who can pull strings and not have his case reported.

Justice League

(Name and address supplied)

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