Embarrassing to hear the Demos

Wednesday May 22, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The litigious nature of the Democratic Party has exposed itself in the letter dated May 17 by the ghost writer “Disgruntled Taxpayer”. 


He should have signed off as “Disgruntled Demo”.  Citing the Crimes Act 1969 Sec. 113 and 114 which refer to bribery of a Minister or an MP. Obviously this person is a lawyer that is trying to use a smear campaign to try and overturn the government by continuous court action. 

Already the Demo Party has probably spent in excess for $400k in legal fees for the 15 electoral petitions of the last three years.  And the only one with which they found success was the Rakahanga seat for the supporters of Paso joining a BBQ fish kaikai after their campaign meeting. 

The last minister to be sent to jail was Teina Bishop, who campaigned as a friend of the Demos in the last election.  Where is the bribery that they are accusing the government of?  If anything I would like to ask who is paying the expensive QC and legal fees that the Demos are building up.  Do they have rich sponsors or wealthy lawyer friends who waive their fees for the Demos? 

At the moment I see the country prospering and work going ahead in the roads and the water, my parents’ pension has gone up and my children’s money has increased and now they can collect it until the reach the age of 16. The only thing coming out of the Demo  camp is the need for them to sit in Parliament and complain about the government.  I have heard them in Parliament and it is embarrassing listening to the Demos. 

I guess that’s why their members are leaving them and joining the government.  I want my MP to help me like he does now by cutting my hedge and providing help when I call him.  I like my MP being out on the road talking to people rather than sitting in Parliament for what – to listen to the Demos moaning – I don’t think so.  Keep up the good work CIP.

Get real

(Name and address


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