Sitting days tests integrity

Friday May 17, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Over the weekend, a group of friends and I happened to be discussing the Parliamentary debacle of three half sitting days that happened last month. The majority conclusion was that it was disgraceful, and was avoidable.


One of our group chose not to voice his opinion, and in fact asked to be excused from this discussion. We just told him, “Buddy, we helped to elect you to this government, so we’re not excusing you.  In fact we want to know why you didn’t support the Demos when they requested some of you CIP MPs to join them to help increase from one day to maybe 60 days as the minimum number of days Parliament will sit!

He said he didn’t know anything about that. Because I had the paper with me, I read out to our group and our buddy MP, the details from the CINews Friday May 3. The article headed ‘Demos ask govt to increase days in Parliament’ reported; “ With 11 members in the Democratic Opposition, Browne says only six more MPs “ who have a conscience and want to do what’s right for our people” are needed to support a vote to change the Constitution to effect the increase in sitting days.

This challenge is really putting to the test the integrity of MPs outside of the Democratic Party  --if they really want to do the right thing for our people, then show it and support a vote to increase the number of sitting days.

Furthermore, Democratic Opposition leader Browne adds, “A two thirds majority is required to change the Constitution. All we need is six MPs outside of the Demos, who will put the interest of the people first, and show they really do want to do the best for our iti tangata.”

“Buddy” was quiet, obviously embarrassed and uncomfortable with where this was heading, but I told him straight up, “You and your fellow MPs betrayed the trust of your people, of us!, and as far as I’m concerned, you guys do not deserve to be elected again! There was no discussion and debate with the Appropriations Amendment Bill authorising your government a massive $5.3m for who knows what, and no sooner does Mark Brown mention “MPs need a pay rise”, you guys then adjourned Parliament “sine die” ! And we know you guys will approve your pay rise through Executive Council Order...all I know is we’re really disappointed in you! why didn’t you speak up on our behalf as our MP?!” Very distressed, “Buddy” replied, “The PM and DPM (actually, he used their names) just told us to zip it, and not to do anything to rock the boat!”  I just said, “Bro, you’re lucky that you’re not one of the five Crown ministers who  will be charged under the “Crimes Act of1969, Sections 113 and 114”, and  who  will! be going  to prison! Anyway, they clearly did it to themselves, while at least you can still make amends!” God is Good!

Disgruntled Taxpayer

(Name and address supplied)

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