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Under cone of silence

Saturday May 11, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Under cone of silence

Dear Editor,

Now that the re-sealing of the main road in Muri will shortly be completed, I do hope that the appropriate authorities in government will ensure that the household that has been placing cones on the roadside adjacent to the Muri Food Night Market, in an effort to charge motorists for parking, will be prevented from doing so.


In my opinion these actions are illegal and create a dangerous precedent.  Imagine if other households charged fees for vehicles to park? The main roads around Rarotonga are public roads and so no individual has any right whatsoever to place cones on these roads, especially if it is for financial self-gain.

It is disappointing the government has failed to be more proactive in stopping this unruly behaviour which is selfish and reeks of greed. Not a good look for our country’s tourism industry.

Concerned motorist