Weed-cutting operation was dangerous to motorcyclists

Sunday April 21, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Around 9 o’clock on Wednesday morning I was witness to three workers simultaneously weed-cutting along both edges of the main road in Tupapa without a care for motorists driving in either direction. 


To my shock and horror - and what was of even greater concern - was a family of tourists on their rental motorcycles who almost lost control of their bikes and crashed as a result of flying rocks, sand and grass coming off the weed-cutters.

As the government agency directly responsible for the oversight of this roadside work, the Ministry of Internal Affairs need to get out of their ivory towers and take a more proactive approach in both monitoring these groups and finding ways to improve the safety aspect of their work. 

Otherwise a serious accident is bound to be caused as a result. 

As an example, this roadside work should not be undertaken during peak road usage times. 

Another example to reduce potential accidents would be for someone to be dedicated to keeping an eye on the traffic during weed-cutting activity and whose job it is to stop weed-cutting work every time vehicles get within close proximity.

Another would be for the weed-cutting work to be carried out along one edge of the road before they move to the opposite edge. 

That way it allows traffic more space to move away from any weed-cutting, thus minimising potential harm and accidents.

Act now before it is too late please!


Concerned motorist

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