MPs are not worth more of our dollars

Wednesday April 17, 2019 Published in Letters to the Editor
Parliament sat for three half-days this session. 19041648 Parliament sat for three half-days this session. 19041648

Dear Editor,

Reading the CI News last Friday it was interesting to see DPM Mark Brown stating that Cook Islands Members of Parliament deserve a pay rise, because they've not had a pay rise for a number of years and it's time they had an increase in their basic rate.


What a dreamer!

To be fair, having just agreed to increase the minimum wage rate by a huge 0.35 cents an hour (apparently, that is all we're worth are far as you guys go), I see no reason why you MPs shouldn't be extended 0.35c/hr as  well - after all, what's good enough for our people.

I'm sure MPs will agree is good for enough for them!

Personally, I believe they are overpaid and are not worthy of a pay increase for a number of reasons that a large number of our people would agree with.

A CI News street poll was taken where eight individuals were asked if our MPs were overpaid with a basic MP’s salary of $50,000 a year? They all agreed that the MPs were paid too much, which no doubt many more of the public would also agree with ... so, no surprises there!

Another example, for instance, is the simple fact that last week's Parliamentary session began on Monday April 8 and by Wednesday April 10 Pukapuka MP Tingika Elikana, in his role as Leader of the House, moved the motion to adjourn the Parliament "sine die".

 This motion was seconded by Internal Affairs minister Vaine "Mac" Mokoroa.

Because there were still several urgent outstanding Bills that required discussion and debate prior to passing into legislation, this action to "sine die" is a betrayal and an absolute disgrace.

Shame on the government for playing political games in our house of Parliament, an honourable house!

So after only three 1/2 day sessions - and with a number of Bills still to be discussed and debated in Parliament – they go home.

Now Parliament is where all Bills that are presented for discussion and debate, will then eventually become the new laws, can only be passed into legislation in Parliament!

Yes, it is quite obvious that the government had no intention of allowing Parliament to go past Wednesday because that would allow question time in the House.

All those who supported the motion to adjourn Parliament "sine die" do not deserve a pay increase because they are not worthy in any way whatsoever!

So, to DPM Brown and other MPs who really believe they deserve to be respected and given a pay rise,  your selfish behaviour as demonstrated to us in Parliament, simply, is an indictment against every single MP in the minority coalition CIP-led government, who just do not have our best interests and well-being at heart!

DPM Brown needs to get his head examined if he thinks we will want to honour them with a pay rise!

For the very little actual work they could and should be doing on behalf of the country, but clearly don't. That is ensuring all Parliamentary business is fulfilled and that all Bills are fully discussed and debated, thus allowing these new laws to be legislated.

Instead they give short shrift to their obligations and responsibilities and truthfully, they are just not deserving of a pay rise.

Not worthy!


(Name and address supplied)

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